Kara O'Keefe is a photographer and pharmacist from Portugal Cove-St. Philip's residing in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. Her unique style of photography is a creative medium by which she presents her province and the world around her.
Kara has a tremendous love for both her home and for travel. She uses both digital and analogue photography to capture her surroundings in Newfoundland and abroad.
Her mediums include both digital and analogue photography. She learned analogue photography through the use of her mother’s Canon AE-1 - a gift she handed down to her as a teenager.
Kara's work has been published both nationally and internationally by various media outlets. She has worked closely with Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism and national agencies such as The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and The Globe and Mail. Her work has been featured in Travel & Leisure Magazine, enRoute Magazine, and the Maritime Edit. Furthermore, she has had the opportunity to work with on variety of social media platforms such as Destination Canada, countless brands within the province, and national franchises such as Tim Horton's.
Her photography is displayed in galleries and establishments throughout the province. Kara’s art can be found hanging in homes across the globe.
Her work ranges between landscape, lifestyle, food, and portrait photography.

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